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Yorkys Gym is a place for those passionate about getting their body to the next level.  From bodybuilding, strength training, boxing and MMA, here you will be able to experience what it means to go beyond, because in every category of training we have fitness professionals on board who are dedicated to helping through your journey.

Known as the second home for fitness and physiques, this is due to our laid back environment and close connection with all of our members but most importantly because everyone is welcome and made to feel at home. To us, members are more like family we take pride in each and every one of them and will go the extra mile to help where we can. This is something you'll experience once you get a special hug from our very own Queen of bodybuilding Tracey-Ann King.

In as little as 8-12 weeks we've transformed real people, people like you with real lives and real responsibilities into having the body of their dreams.  



Our One to One personal training is a great and effective way to achieve your goals, whether your new to training, an advanced trainer that needs the extra push or someone lacking motivation. Workouts are composed to suit the individual’s abilities and goals. Each session will be an education about strength training and cardio.


Your workouts will be fun, challenging and full of guidance but most importantly each session will be one step closer to achieving your goal!

Yorkys Gym has the very best in strength training and professional equipment.
Both plate loaded and pin selectorized machines sit alongside specially commissioned pieces, which have been sourced and brought to Yorkys Gym.
We have dozens of bars, tonnes of plated weights, kettlebells, chains and dumbbells from
1kg up to 100kg.
Whatever you need we have it!



The boxing and combat area has a full size boxing ring and a matted area.

We have a full size training rig, punch bags, kick bags and speed balls along with a number of fitness apparatus and equipment.


Our fully qualified coaches and trainers run weekly classes in boxing or one to one session.


If interested in these disciplines, details of the classes can be obtained by contacting the gym directly.

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